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Frank can speak with experience and knowledge on:

- The Trump Effect: Is the venerable U.S.-ROK alliance in jeopardy?

- The Post-Park ROK: What will Korea's coming lurch to the political left mean?

- Deficit Thinking: The shaky future of U.S.-Asia trade

- Nukes to the North: Living in the shadow of North Korea  

- Confucian Confusion: Avoiding pitfalls when doing business in East Asia

-  The Shocking Truth: Asia charges ahead in electric and autonomous vehicles


Here are some of Frank's high-profile speaking events: 

Truman 2.png

Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum

Independence, Mo.

It's no stretch to say Harry Truman saved South Korea and helped create the post-war liberal democratic world order that is now imperiled. Frank recounted the president's battles with Gen. Douglas MacArthur and the White House policies in Asia and Europe that built democratic institutions in the wake of imperialism and fascism -- and how the rise of nationalism in the U.S. and around the globe threatens to undo it all.

"A true rock star of reporting. Frank Ahrens gets it when reporting on and sharing with you the personal experiences of his time in Korea. A wonderful tour guide to understanding another culture."

- Clyde F. Wendel, Board Chair, The Truman Library Institute

Frank addresses the Korean Economic Institute.

Korean Economic Institute

Washington D.C.

In one generation, South Korea grew from a recipient of foreign aid to a donor on the backs of the mighty family-owned companies, or chaebols -- Samsung, Hyundai, LG and others. Now, a coming liberal presidency in South Korea has threatened to break up the companies, saying they have too much influence over the Korean economy and the daily lives of Koreans. What would a post-chaebol Korean economy look like? Would it be the end of the "Miracle on the Han?"

"Frank's lecture and discussion were both enjoyable and informative, bringing fresh insights into Korean corporate culture and Hyundai's push to become a global brand."

- Congressman Donald Manzullo, President & CEO of the Korea Economic Institute

frank wvu 2.jpg









Distinguished Speaker, West Virginia University College of Business and Economics

Morgantown, W.Va. 

Frank experienced opportunities working overseas that would never have been available to him here in the U.S. Addressing more than 900 students and faculty members back at his alma mater, Frank encouraged students to explore overseas jobs and other opportunities -- and gave them practical advice on how to make it happen. 

"Frank captivated students. He painted a vibrant picture of the international business climate and the differences in business outside the United States, which will be indelible in the minds of those about to enter the global marketplace."

- javier reyes, dean, west virginia university college of business and economics


Korea Society

New York

Speaking at America's pre-eminent organization for improving cultural understanding between Korea and the world, Frank recounted his many missteps -- and eventual lessons -- in adapting to and learning from Korea's Confucian business and social culture. Ask Frank about "The Napkin Episode" and why you never write anyone's name in red ink.

- "Very enjoyable!"

- "Excellent discussion."

- "A lovely reading."

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